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Moni is a Level III Ginastica Natural Instructor based in Newport Beach, CA.

She is the only free standing instructor in southern California and proud to teach this

exclusive bodyweight technique to her community.


• No Equipment need – Your own body-weight only. 

• Regardless of your age, weight, or skill level, Ginastica Natural gives you benefits to make a healthy change in your life. 

• Improve your body, mind, strength, endurance, core stability, power, flexibility, balance and agility. 

• Fast and efficient workouts designed to give you maximum results. 

• A worldwide recognized and revolutionary workout program, designed for everyone. From Beginners to Pro Athletes. 


Enthusiasts will improve their quality of life, health and physical conditioning. 

Athletes overcome limits and improve performance with our recognized programs, tested and approved by renowned athletes in a wide range of modalities. 

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