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Meet Moni

Live Authentically

Healthy living is not a ’fixed’ journey. What may work for one, may not work for another and as each of us moves through life, needs and desires shift. As we work together, you will discover that your vibrancy lies deeper than just what’s on your plate. It’s the love in your life, movement, career, finances, home environment, social life, joy, and spirituality. The key to this transformation? YOU. Wellness starts internally and intimately. As your guide I will inspire action for you to uncover your own unique path. Isn’t it time to live your best, healthiest and most authentic life? 


About Me

I am an integrative health coach specializing in plant based nutrition and natural movement practice (Ginastica Natural). My business (& my passion) is to support and empower individual wellness transformations, guiding through steps of positive, long term behavior change. It’s amazing how life can unfold in such a beautiful way when we are open to it!

Through my own curated healing experience and knowledge in whole food plant based nutrition and functional movement, my business is to help you find the path which will bring you into true alignment. 

Let's Roll

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